Parents & Players,

Welcome to the Oregon Reign, on behalf of myself and the other members of our coaching staff.

This organization has prided itself on developing players of all ages.
Mr. Alan Richards and his daughter Kendall are the people who started this program. They felt (back in 1997) that there needed to be a program that would develop players in our area. With the decline of fastpitch and lack of teams in our area the time was right for the Oregon Reign. We are proud of all the kids who have gone through the program and the parents who have supported them. Our success is shown by the caliber of tournaments we play in – we have played invite-only games with international teams from Canada and China. We played in New York. Back in 2004, we beat out 97 other teams from around the United States to win the prestigious Colorado Fireworks Tournament.

This program isn’t just about softball it’s about teaching life lessons. We have had the pleasure of seeing many of our kids reach their goals of playing at the next level.

Now 19 years later, the program is still growing and developing. Our coaches and administrative staff are focused on providing the best softball experience in the state both on and off the field.